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Where DANCE Captures the HEART and Inspires the SOUL!

Summer Programs

Summer DANCE!




Camp GetPHUSED (June 26 - June 30)

Is designed for Beginners that are interested in a fun and educational experience to exploring dance and the arts. Students will be engaged in a variety of dance classes as well as other arts related events.  We will encourage students to challenge themselves and believe in their talents and potential. Cost $125

EMERGING ARTIST Intensive  (July 5 - July 15) 

Is designed specifically for the more experienced dancer who has at least two years of dance experience and is prepared to take a deeper dive into their dance training. It is designed for students looking to hone their technique and artistry. Students are provided with training in various dance disciplines which can include ballet, pointe, jazz, modern and contemporary. Please note that this program also includes morning conditioning and stretching and meets Monday - Saturday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. NOTE: This includes two Saturdays. Cost $500 or $250/week

Dress Code: Black Leotard and flesh tights. Shoes: Flesh ballet/pointe shoes, black or tan jazz shoes, black tap shoes if applicable. Hair must be pulled off the face and neck. Longer braids (past shoulders) must be in a bun.



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