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Where DANCE Captures the HEART and Inspires the SOUL!


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"Your creativity and love for the children never cease to amaze us! May God continue to bless you and the work of your hands, as it is a ministry that gives so many children the opportunity to shine, learn and build their confidence. Thank you for your service!"
                                                                                                                                    Keenan & Danielle Nix

Our MISSION is to build a foundation for life for individuals, making use of the ARTS as a change agent. Our VISION is to see students of all ages, cultures and socio-­economic levels come together, unified and empowered by sharing the essence of the performing ARTS. We believe every person has the power to be creative and motivated to reach beyond all limits and for PHUSION to be the vehicle to assist them in achieving their goals.


PHUSION is committed to offering their students a different alternative for the study of the ARTS. We offer technical dance training in, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Tap, and much more. Ballet is the focus at Phusion and all students enrolled in the school program, are required to take ballet as part of their core requirement in an effort to build and maintain a strong technical foundation. We also offer workshops where students focus on theatre preparation and acting proficiencies that enhance performance quality.

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Phusion is committed to offering their students a different alternative for the study of the arts. We focus on building the students technically and giving them the opportunity to perform in productions that have been known to compete with productions on Broadway. Phusion’s dance curriculum is intense and requires a high level of commitment. The indepth training is designed to motivate and challenge each student to reach their full potential. With ballet, modern and jazz techniques as core courses, the program is built on the premise of “Building a foundation for life through ART and discipline”.

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